Legends of EEKdom

Who Are the Eeks?

The Eeks are pictured in the photograph on the home page. The humans may be catalogued thusly: The extremely attractive and shapely female is known as either "Momeek" or "Kareek," a name which is almost certainly derived from the Earth name Kari. The large, lumbering male is known as "Dadeek" or "Oweek" or even, occasionally, as "Charlzzzz" or Charles. The smaller male has come to be known as "Jimeek", though his teachers and schoolmates, through mere ignorance of his true identity and no fault of their own, refer to him simply as Jim, Jimmy, or even "The Jimmy" (as his former Tae Kwon Do instructor, Master An, used to call him). The tiger pictured is Willy, and although he's very cute, it is not known definitively whether he was, in fact, an eek or not, so brief was the visit. Not pictured are certain non-human eeks, the cats known as "Baby" or "Faith", the pseudo-cat "Rocky", and the inimitable "Stretch A. Roo." Newcomer Funny Bunny also makes the EEK-roster of today.

What Is An Eek?

An "eek" is someone that Jimeek loves very much. As a baby, when Jimmy was happy, and in a cute mood, he would modify the names of those he loved by adding "eeeeeek" to the end. The first person to be so honored was Momeeeeeek.

Where did "Oweek" come from?

When Jimmy first met Charles, he noticed that he had an injury on his hand. Having just learned to speak, and still being quite new to it, it used to take Jimmy a while to get his motor started. This meant that anything he said was preceded by "uh-uh-uh-..." When he saw Charles's boo boo, his response was "uh-uh-uh-oweee, uh-uh-uh-oweee." The name stuck (Owee), and when the Age of the Eek arrived, Owee quite naturally evolved into Oweek.

What Is the Purpose Of Eeks.org?

Back when the world was new, we used to share our digital photos by packing them into e-mails. The e-mails went out, dozens of them, every time we wanted to show off some new pictures. This worked okay, as far as it went, but was fairly labor-intensive for Oweek, who had to sit with Momeek for hours sending pictures while she pointed and squealed and said "Eeeeeee! Look at this!" Oweek wanted a way for our friends to be able to see our pictures without so much aural damage on his part. Also, we strongly believe that the world needs to know how cute Jimeek is (and Momeek for that matter, but don't tell her I wrote that). Thus was EEKS.ORG forged.